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the day after yesterday 30/7/18

today we played and packed. because we were going to Norderney*. today was very boring, sort of.               *  is a small island                      … Continue Reading →

Trip to Greece/Corfu 16/7/18 – 29/7/18

Today we headed  to the train station  and  took the train to the airport. At the airport we had lunch and ran to the pane. When we arrived at Greece, the weather was already  boiling, even when it was 2:00!!!… Continue Reading →

holiday in Germany 15/07/18

today we relaxed and the mums packed the bags for out holiday in Greece, checked out a mew playground, witch was epic!  we played a bit, which was probably the best time of that week, then we had to go… Continue Reading →

holiday in Germany 14/07/18

Yesterday, our cosines had finished school, for the term, and are having their six week holiday. Today, we have all slept in, and are packing for our flight to Corfu. While the mothers packed the dads took the kids to… Continue Reading →

holiday in Germany (Texel, Netherlands) 5/07/18 – 13/07/18

Today we got ready to go to Aachen* and there we went to pick up our grandparents, then take the fairy to Texel.  Once we got to Texel, we had to get used to a new language, which was called… Continue Reading →

holiday in Germany 4/07/18

Today our cousins gad to go to school, so we stayed at our cousins house and packed for the holiday in Texel, and played with our two oldest cosines, and went shopping, after we went shopping, we went and got an… Continue Reading →

holiday in Germany 3/07/18

Today our cousins didn’t go to school & kindergarten, because we went to a petting zoo, where we had lunch and got to feed the animals. animals that were there: lamas horses goats sheep cows chickens/birds rabbits and more animals… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Germany 02/07/18

today our cosines had to go to school, so  we had breakfast, then we cleaned a bit up, and played some board games with our aunt, (my mums twin sister). soon after playing we went to pick them up, fist… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Germany 1/07/18

Today, we got off the plan at 6:00 am in the morning, and picked up our luggage from the luggage carousel, and got something to eat. Then we headed down to the train station, and waited for the train. Once… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Germany 30/06/18

Today we started our journey in Europe at 1:20 pm. Our friend brought us to the airport. Then we checked in, got our tickets and went through customs. then while waiting to board the aircraft we  had something to eat,… Continue Reading →

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